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mobilusso - consulting
mobilusso - consulting
Company Info
Company Info :
  • Headquarters and administrative center in Damietta.
  • Factory and warehouse In front of The Port near New Damietta city, Egypt.
  • Founded - Strateg
  • MobiLusso & Co. founded in June 2007 in Damietta, Egypt.
  • Since then, we relied on two-pronged strategy; Pay attention to product quality and maintain the best price - Delivery on time.
  • Production line
  • All of our products are Handmade, Patterns of our production lines are Italian furniture; Hand-painted , Art Deco, massive furniture,Reproduction French furniture;Marquetry with brass (bronze) , Louis XVI , Louis XV , Regency , wood carved furniture , Empire styles,Chairs in Italian & French style - Hotel furnishings and modern , Classic furnishings.
  • Quality
  • In order to ensure that we achieve the highest quality of the product;We drain wood before we use it, to avoid any after manufacturing defects.
  • We have our own special techniques in finishes in addition to using environmentally friendly paints.
  • Manufacturing of each piece is done carefully by our skilled craftsmen to ensure that our clients receive a unique piece worthy of them.
  • We make sure that everything is alright before handing over our work to ensure that what the client wants (wishes) is what he gets, because we realize that your success is our success.
  • Clients
  • Wholesalers , Galleries and Companies specialized in selling antique furniture, Hotels, retail purchasers, architect and design bureau, building companies and other business customers, Antiques collector.
  • Export rate
  • 91% (to more than 25 countries).
    We are doing our best to meet the special requirements of our clients, so we are honored to consider that MobiLusso is your company in Egypt.
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