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General Recommendations :
  • Controlling relative humidity and temperature is important to maintain the long-term life for the wood, furniture, leather and upholstery; so, if there is a drastic change in the atmosphere or in the humidity and extreme temperature levels this may cause damage to the furniture.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (UV rays) which will discolor and damage wood, finishes, fabrics and leather. Use sun screening drapes during intense sunlight hours, Arrange furniture away from the source of sunlight or rotate furniture.
  • First use an undiluted neutral detergent on all stains. Color spots and spots that are insoluble in water can be removed with white sprint. Please be careful, because the treatment may damage some surfaces.
Wooden Surfaces
  • With dust, always use a polish moistened piece of cloth. Polish cushions will help eliminating the scratching that occurs with dry dusting.
  • Dust will scratch the furniture surface if not removed properly.
  • Always use a fine furniture polish with dust. Not dry dust, as it could cause microscopic scratches on your furniture surface.
  • Remember that using a dirty piece of cloth may scratch your furniture’s surface, so make sure of the piece of cloth’s integrity - before using it on wood surfaces.
  • The textile materials used in the furniture consist of natural materials and very often of mixed fabrics, In order to improve the care and the usage properties or the strength of the material, fibers are combined. Both natural and synthetic fibers are used in mixed fabrics; So, it is better to test the water on an invisible spot. For more delicate textiles there is foam, powder cleaning agents, which clean more gently.
  • Arranging your furniture close to heating or air conditioning outlets.
  • Exposing your furniture to severe heat or humidity will create a chemical change in the furniture finishes, which could lead to appearance of white spot.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume and (any other products that contain solvents) can damage your furniture , fabrics and leather .
  • Excessive rubbing when cleaning fabrics and leather.
  • Cleaning materials (detergent), strong acidic or alkaline.
  • Strong solvents, like acetone and thinner.
  • Dragging objects across a finished surface; may lead to scratched surface so, Lift these objects rather than drag.
  • Deep scratches which happen while removing the grease may penetrate the wood.
  • Using sharp objects.